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21 July, 2023

Meet our Graduate Tamsin

Meet our Graduate Tamsin - Meet our Graduate Tamsin
Meet our Graduate Tamsin

Meet Tamsin, Class of 2023 IB Diploma Graduate

Tamsin has been part of the BIS Abu Dhabi family since 2009 when she joined in FS2. After a remarkable 14 years at the school, she has graduated with an impressive score of 41 points out of a possible 45 in the IB Diploma Programme. This outstanding achievement places her within the top 20% of this year's diploma candidates at the school, who achieved 40 points or more. It is truly an amazing and well-deserved accomplishment.

When asked about her feelings upon receiving her results, Tamsin expressed, "I was quite nervous before getting my results, especially as you had to reveal each grade individually, but I was really pleased and relieved to see that I got 41 points, reaching the conditional grades for my offer. I was especially proud of getting a 7 in HL Physics."

Tamsin is now set to pursue her further education at Oriel College, Oxford. When questioned about her choice of Oriel College, she stated, "Honestly, I want to study at Oxford because it is the best for my course and one of the best universities in the world. I know it is hard to get into, but I think the challenge motivated me even more. I chose Oriel College because when my mum and I went to an open day at Oxford, we went to a few colleges that I had done some research on and this one just felt like the right place when we were there. I like that it is one of the oldest colleges and isn't too big or too small. One thing I especially liked the idea of is the fact that it will celebrate its 700th anniversary in 2026 when I am studying there." She added that studying Law appeals to her because of its broad nature, allowing her to explore various avenues and continue learning.

Looking ahead to her time in Oxford, Tamsin said, "I am most looking forward to living somewhere where I will be able to walk outside or cycle to get to places, as well as the independence of living on my own at university. I am looking forward to seeing all the new things that I will be able to take part in."

During her time at BIS Abu Dhabi, Tamsin made the most of her experience while completing the IB Diploma Programme. She actively participated in various sports teams (football, netball, swimming, the BSME team), engaged in MUN (Model United Nations), and achieved the Duke of Edinburgh International bronze and silver awards.

Reflecting on her memories from the school, Tamsin shared, "I have a lot of fond memories from my many years at BIS Abu Dhabi, but from this year, I will always remember when we won the U19 BSME Games, BIS Abu Dhabi's first-ever BSME win, which I was able to share with my sister. I remember my first BSME games in Year 5 and the first-ever goal my team scored in netball and in football (back then it was a big achievement…), so it is nice to see how far the school has come since then." She went on to say, "What I'll miss most about BIS Abu Dhabi is the community feeling because the teachers really make an effort to get to know the students and make school fun. I already miss PE lessons and sports with the PE teachers."

In the future, Tamsin aspires to be a corporate Lawyer, and there is no doubt that she will excel and turn her ambitions into a reality. Congratulations, Tamsin! Your accomplishments and dedication are truly inspiring.