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23 August, 2023

Meet Our Graduate Sebastien

Meet Our Graduate Sebastien - Meet Our Graduate Sebastien
Meet Our Graduate Sebastien

Meet Sebastien, Class of 2023 IB Diploma Graduate


Sebastien joined BIS Abu Dhabi in 2021, commencing his IB Diploma journey in Year 12. After two years of dedication and hard work, he has graduated with an impressive score of 36 points. Sebastien expressed his joy upon receiving his results, saying, "Knowing just how harsh the IB had been this year, I was delighted to see I had received 36 points. I was already accepted and confirmed for Berklee, so such a good score was really the cherry on top."

Sebastien's next chapter takes him to Berklee College in Boston, US, where he will study Music. His passion for music and the opportunity to be surrounded by talented musicians from all over the world drew him to this renowned music college. He shared, "I always knew I wanted to do something with music in the future, so when I first discovered Berklee through the Berklee Centre on Saadiyat, I was immediately attracted to it. I loved the idea of being surrounded by other musicians from all over the world at one of the top globally ranked music colleges."


Explaining his choice to study music, Sebastien emphasised his passion and enjoyment of the arts. He said, "It sounds corny, but I decided to study music because it's my passion, and I enjoy it. People have a tendency to discuss the difficulties of studying or working in music, but the reality is that all of the arts are constantly around us. At the end of the day, I want to remain in a field where I know I'll have fun."


The prospect of moving to Boston excites Sebastien, especially since he has never been to the USA before. He looks forward to being surrounded by students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, studying various disciplines. Sebastien shared, "I know that there are many universities in Boston, so it's reassuring knowing that I won't be one of the few students there. What I'm looking forward to the most, though, is being surrounded by other students from all over the world studying all sorts of different things. We all grew up in different places, so we all have unique cultures and perspectives on the world."


Sebastien credits the IB Diploma for preparing him well for university life. The well-rounded nature of the program and the valuable skills acquired during the diploma will undoubtedly aid him as he pursues a career in the music industry. He explained, "Every subject I took was a key ingredient that will assist me as I pursue a career in the music industry. The creativity and writing of English, the countless opportunities opened up by speaking Spanish (which is especially helpful considering the size and popularity of the Latin music industry), the principles studied in Business Management serve as a good foundation to succeed in music, and Maths and Physics courses helped me gain a greater understanding of the science behind music. Of course, I also took music at higher level as part of my diploma, and the open and creative nature of the course has allowed me to explore areas of music from all over the world throughout different time periods."


Sebastien's aspirations for the future are centred around becoming a producer and sound engineer. He is enthusiastic about exploring the popular music industry and scoring for film and interactive media throughout his career.


During his time at BIS Abu Dhabi, Sebastien was actively involved in the school's music department and also participated in the student-led initiative of the BISambition university podcast, where he had the chance to work with sound technology and meet new people.


Reflecting on his fondest memory at BIS Abu Dhabi, Sebastien cherishes the week leading up to the performances of the school production, Bugsy Malone. As part of the band, he was able to witness everything they had worked hard for come together beautifully. Spending time with the cast and making new friends was a truly enjoyable experience for him. He expressed, “I would honestly recommend participating in the school production to everyone – whether it be as cast, chorus, band, or backstage. You will have a blast.”


Congratulations, Sebastien! Your passion for music and dedication to your studies have brought you to this exciting point in your journey. We have no doubt that you will excel at Berklee College and make a significant impact in the music industry and we eagerly await the wonderful accomplishments you will achieve in the world of music.