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30 August, 2023

Meet Our Graduate Aamukta

Meet Our Graduate Aamukta - Meet Our Graduate Aamukta
Meet Our Graduate Aamukta

Meet Aamukta, Class of 2023 IB Diploma Graduate

Aamukta started her journey with us at BIS Abu Dhabi in 2019, joining in Year 10. After four years of hard work and dedication, she has graduated with an outstanding score of 42 points. Reflecting on her feelings upon receiving her results, Aamukta shared, "Prior to receiving my result, I felt so much stress and anticipation, so I was relieved to see the score that I got. I was definitely quite shocked as it was impossible for me to predict my score based on those exams, but nevertheless, I was proud of myself."

Aamukta's next chapter takes her to the University of Glasgow, where she will study Computing Science. Her decision to study there was influenced by the city's reputation and the university's impressive alumni. She was particularly drawn to the university's commitment to celebrating women in STEM fields. She added, "The Hogwarts aesthetic is a big plus as well!"

Explaining her choice to study Computing Science, Aamukta expressed her desire to be at the forefront of change by producing practical, technological solutions to the issues she is passionate about. She highlighted that Computer Science is an ever-growing field that will allow her to continue learning and expanding her knowledge throughout her career.

Looking forward to her move to Glasgow, Aamukta is excited about the change in weather and the vibrant arts and culture scene of the city. She's also eager to explore the scenic hikes around Glasgow.

The IB Diploma played a crucial role in Aamukta's university acceptance. She emphasised how its well-rounded nature prepared her for university life and allowed her to explore multiple subjects before deciding on her major. Additionally, the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) component helped her application stand out. Aamukta's choice to study IB Computer Science also means she'll earn enough credit to skip her first year at university.

Aamukta envisions a future in Computer Science, with a possible focus on Cybersecurity. During her time at BIS Abu Dhabi, she actively participated in various extracurricular activities, including BISambition, the Inclusivity Club, the Girls' Robotics Club, and the Duke of Edinburgh program.

One of Aamukta's fondest memories at BIS Abu Dhabi revolves around the simple moments. She recalls spending lunchtimes in the hub with her friends, where they could relax and take their minds off work despite the challenges.

What Aamukta will miss the most about BIS Abu Dhabi is the sense of community. The support and environment fostered by her friends, peers, and teachers allowed her to grow and develop as an individual. Aamukta expressed her gratitude for the impact her time at BIS Abu Dhabi has had on her character.

Congratulations, Aamukta! Your achievements and dedication are commendable. As you embark on this new adventure at the University of Glasgow, we have no doubt that your passion for Computer Science and commitment to making a difference will lead you to remarkable accomplishments. Your journey at BIS Abu Dhabi has prepared you well for the challenges and successes ahead, and we eagerly await the contributions you will make in the field of Computing Science.