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05 September, 2023

Meet Our Graduate - Qais

Meet Our Graduate - Qais - Meet Our Graduate - Qais
Meet Our Graduate - Qais

Meet Qais, Class of 2023 IB Diploma Graduate

Qais started with us at  BIS Abu Dhabi in 2021, joining in Year 12. After a fantastic 2 years, he has graduated with a remarkable score of 42 points. Reflecting on his feelings upon receiving his results, Qais shared, "Upon receiving my IB results; I was excited and pleased to have achieved an outstanding score of 42 reflecting my hard work, perseverance, and commitment towards academic excellence. I felt a sense of pride having scored amongst top performers worldwide."

Qais's academic journey now takes him to the University of British Columbia (UBC) to pursue Engineering. His choice of UBC Engineering is driven by a desire to effect meaningful change and design sustainable solutions to global challenges. He noted, "I selected UBC Engineering to obtain a top-notch education in order to create meaningful change, challenging perspectives, and designing sustainable solutions to world-pressing challenges. Further, UBC is consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world, providing access to exceptional campus resources and unparalleled opportunities for hands-on design, innovation, and experiential learning."

Delving into his choice of Engineering, Qais revealed a deep-rooted interest in problem-solving and innovation. He stated, "My interest in Engineering is a personal one; I have always enjoyed tackling challenges and devising innovative solutions. I believe that pursuing an engineering degree at UBC will bring me closer to my goal of contributing to the community and having a positive impact by helping accelerate sustainable and innovative solutions that do not only resolve problems and challenges on the local level but also global challenges at large."

As he anticipates his move to Canada, Qais looks forward to immersing himself in Vancouver's welcoming culture, reuniting with family members, and exploring British Columbia's natural beauty. He expressed excitement about experiencing the Rocky Mountains and even plans to learn skiing.

Qais attributes his success in gaining university admission to his IB Diploma journey. He highlighted his participation in extracurricular activities under the CAS program, which fostered leadership skills, collaboration, public speaking, and critical thinking. He also underscored the development of research skills and the ability to work independently on projects and assignments.

Regarding his future aspirations, Qais remains open to exploring various career opportunities through UBC's co-op program. He plans to engage in engineering design teams and competitions, aiming to gain practical insights into real-world applications of engineering principles.

During his time at BIS Abu Dhabi, Qais was actively engaged in diverse extracurricular activities. He participated in Model United Nations (MUN), F1 Racing for Schools, volunteered at the Specialised Rehabilitation Hospital, contributed to The ‘BISambition’ University Podcast, and took part in the BIS Abu Dhabi Chess Tournament.

Reflecting back on his fond memories at BIS Abu Dhabi, Qais recalled a humorous classroom experience. He said, "I will always cherish the fond moment when Mr. Ryan named the chalkboard at the back of the classroom as the 'Qais Board' which attributed to my extensive use of the board."

As Qais bids farewell to BIS Abu Dhabi, he expressed, “I will miss the many friends that I have made during my time at BIS Abu Dhabi especially: Malik, Zahin, Saad, Niranjan, Mohammad Alif, and many more. I will also miss the great teachers who were part of my journey who helped me to develop and grow.”

Congratulations Qais on your exceptional achievements and determination! As you start your next educational chapter at the University of British Columbia, we are confident that your passion for engineering and problem-solving will lead to remarkable contributions. Your experiences at BIS Abu Dhabi have prepared you well for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.