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15 September, 2023

Year 3 were Archeologists

Year 3 were Archeologists
Equipped with spades and curiosity, Year 3 have been unearthing pieces of history right here at BIS Abu Dhabi.

Our young explorers aren't just excavating artifacts; they're also becoming skilled at asking questions. They've realised that posing the right questions is just as crucial as finding answers. Each artifact they uncover sparks a dozen more questions, and that's the essence of learning.

This practical Science lesson has not only ignited their passion for Science and History but has also revealed how archaeologists uncover the past. They've learned to handle delicate finds, document their discoveries, and appreciate the power of curiosity. We certainly have some aspiring archeologists in Year 3 and we're extremely proud of the respect and enthusiasm they showed within this lesson, handling delicate artifacts from the past! 

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