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06 October, 2023

Year 3 Teach Rex Visit

Year 3 Teach Rex Visit - Year 3 Teach Rex Visit
Year 3 Teach Rex Visit
Last week, Year 3 were delighted to invite Teach-Rex into BIS Abu Dhabi! Throughout the day, they took part in various interactive activities and workshops. The children left mesmerised by Jam and the other baby dinosaurs!
During Workshop 1, students embarked on a scientific journey with 'Jam,' the friendly 4-meter dinosaur. Through activities, they explored the 'why' and ‘How’, igniting their curiosity and love for science.
Workshop 2 was a fantastic experience using green screen. They explored language, expanding vocabulary and fostering creativity. Using the green screen, students unleashed their imaginations and engaged in lively discussions, which translated into exciting writing projects throughout the day!
During workshop 3, the children met the baby dinosaurs. They explored feelings and will now forever be looking out for ‘Roger!’
Please ask your child all about this fantastic experience, it was a truly magical day!


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