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13 October, 2023

Tia's Art Journey

Tias Art Journey - Tias Art Journey
Tia's Art Journey
Meet Tia, a talented artist who's taking the art world by storm!
Last year, Tia conquered her GCSE Art, and now she's flourishing in Year 12. But that's not all - this rising star has been making waves in the international art scene.

In September 2023, Tia showcased her incredible talent at the Athens Art Exhibition, an event under the patronage of UNESCO. Just a month later, in October 2023, Tia continued to amaze us at the Art Quake - 12 exhibition in Turkey. And if that's not impressive enough, that same month, she also graced the Confluence 2023 exhibition in Bahrain. This unique event brings artists and poets together, where Tia's art was inspired by a poem penned by her own mother.
Tia's journey is proof that passion, dedication, and creativity know no bounds. Let's celebrate her remarkable achievements and look forward to more breathtaking art in the future.

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