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12 October, 2023

Year 4 Spelling Bee

Year 4 Spelling Bee - Year 4 Spelling Bee
Year 4 Spelling Bee
On Monday, 9th October, the school came alive with excitement for year 4’s very first Spelling Bee, a captivating event hosted by the dynamic Mr. East. Seven eager participants from each class stepped onto the stage.

The competition was divided into two riveting rounds. First, the Dictionary Use challenge had participants flipping through dictionaries, showcasing their vocabulary as they located words. The room was abuzz with the rapid flip of pages and the thrill of discovery.

Next came the Spelling Words round, where participants, still basking in the excitement, displayed their mastery of the English language, tackling words both familiar and complex with unwavering focus.

The event was such a hit. It’s set to return every Half Term. The applause and cheers echoed through the hall as all participants received well-deserved recognition for their dedication and passion for words.

In a dazzling finale, Fathi emerged as the ultimate champion, securing the first-place trophy and the prestigious title of Spelling Bee Champion. The audience erupted in applause, thoroughly impressed by Fathi's remarkable spelling talent. As the school eagerly anticipates the next Spelling Bee, we congratulate all participants and reserve a special salute for Fathi's outstanding achievement.

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