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27 October, 2023

Apple Store Trip

Apple Store Trip - Apple Store Trip
Apple Store Trip
Year 10 Fine Art & Photography Students hone their designs skills using the latest technology!

Year 10 Visual Art students had the exciting opportunity to explore the latest technology the digital tech world has to offer, in a day of workshops lead by a specialist support team of mentors at the Apple Store, Galleria Mall. Both Fine Art & Photography GCSE students got to experiment with different digital media, whilst under the expert guidance and supervision of the Apple Team.

After a warm welcome, the group split up for different workshops focusing on the specialist needs of their course requirements. Fine Art students are currently creating work inspired by Architecture in their curriculum project for their Personal Portfolio of coursework, so armed with the latest Ipads they ventured out to take photographs of the urban environment in the nearby vicinity. 

Meanwhile, Photography students remained in store getting acquainted with the Iphone 14’s cutting-edge camera capabilities, they explored the art of photography from a whole new perspective. Students learnt about the importance of angles, lines and perspective when capturing powerful portrait photographs and then went out on site to put their news skills into practice.

Fine Art students returned to store where they used the Ipad and Apple pen to learn about using brushes, colours and layers using procreate. Have a look at the timelapse video below of one of our students at work.

We think you’ll agree that the school trip to the Apple Store was an enriching experience that inspired our Year 10 Visual Arts students to explore the convergence of art, design and technology. Our heartfelt gratitude to the Apple Store team for their exceptional guidance and support during this trip and we are looking forward to seeing how our students utilise their newfound skills throughout their coursework in the year ahead.

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