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27 October, 2023

NAE-UNICEF Summit 2023

NAE-UNICEF Summit 2023 - NAE-UNICEF Summit 2023
NAE-UNICEF Summit 2023

In July this year, 2 of our students attended the Nord Anglia Summit in New York. Rafaa in Year 12 and Arya in Year 13.

Rafaa and Arya were involved in many activities throughout the week, and had an opportunity to meet ambassadors and other students from around the world. Arya has reflected on her experiences and shared them with us here. Arya and Rafaa are now working closely with Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Brazier to look at ways to continue to raise the profile of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at BIS Abu Dhabi, as well as promote Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities.

On the first day of the Summit (13/07/2023), I had the opportunity to have workshops at the UNICEF Headquarters. This was under the guidance of The UNICEF HQ Youth Advocacy Team. The objective of this session was to provide an opportunity for NAE students to learn about Youth Engagement and Advocacy. The first workshop was titled the One Minute Challenge, allowing me to engage in the critical process of how the UNICEF house functions: with the Voice of the Youth. The SDG given to me and my team was SDG Number 10: Reduced Inequalities. The challenge was to pitch an idea that could be implemented on a school level in under a minute using the format of We will... and Because…

The second workshop of the day was with Generation Global, under the guidance of Lisa Petro, Education and Quality Lead. Through interactive exercises and group discussions, I understood the vital role of dialogue in brainstorming solutions to more prominent and personal problems. Moreover, it helped recognise inclusion's critical role in problem-solving.

The halfway mark workshop with Kinvara Peterson, the Director of the Worlds largest lesson (WLL). It allowed the students to recognise the interconnectivity between all the SDGs and how they all portray a crucial aspect of humanity and its betterment. Moreover, this contributed to the main event and purpose of the trip, the SDG Conference.

Leading up to the SDG Conference (15/07/2023), I learnt about the Social Impact Grants by Nord Anglia, had a UNICEF Career fair with leaders of the different SDGs at UNICEF, and was assigned to a group of students who would present with me on a randomly assigned SDG. These workshops and working hours occurred at NAISNY (the Nord Anglia school in New York). The SDG given to me was SDG Number 2,  Zero Hunger, because this SDG is extensive and seemingly difficult to achieve from a school level. The solution I pitched was titled the Food for All Programme. The panel consisted of Andrew Fitzmaurice (CEO), Kinvara Peterson, (UNICEF Advocacy lead) and, Dr. Elise Scoff (Nord Anglia Chief Education Officer).

At the end of the Summit, I received a Learner Ambition Award for being ´Curious´, acknowledging my reflective nature regarding the SDGs. I was one of five students awarded from among 125 students. Moreover, I was appreciated for contributing to the Generation Global workshop leading to a personal meeting with Lisa Ptero regarding my initiatives with the Inclusivity Club at BIS Abu Dhabi. 

Arya, Year 13

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