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09 November, 2023

Eco Enterprise

Eco Enterprise - Eco Enterprise
Eco Enterprise
Our Eco-Enterprise event that took place on Thursday, 12th October, included a day full of demonstration of leadership skills from students of all ages, who ran stalls and activities. From photo booths and jewelry making stalls to obstacle courses and “Sponge the Teacher”, the day was filled with excitement and unity as students partook in the vast range of creative activities available. 

The field and cage of the school displayed an array of colorful bunting and banners, as well as many student-constructed stalls, which required weeks of hands-on construction and teamwork. The fulfillment that educating children in a fun manner was rewarding as smiles were seen throughout the entirety of the event.

We incorporated a ticketing system, that allowed the circulation of multiple-colored tickets to prevent the wastage of paper, keeping the event in line with the Global Sustainability Goals. The concept of recycling was promoted throughout the event, as props for stalls such as old cans and scrap paper were used, to draw attention to Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, which BIS Abu Dhabi has been actively working to achieve.

Months of preparation, which at times was stressful and difficult to navigate, paid off as we together as the BIS Abu Dhabi community raised over a whopping 20,000AED. This value showcases the strength in unity and reflects the students’ desire to contribute to bettering the world around us, allowing the less fortunate to receive the same opportunities that we have the privilege of experiencing. We hope this inspired students to initiate such events in the near future, keeping the spirit of collaboration, selflessness and leadership alive!

By Rena & Yumna

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