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17 November, 2023

Dr Leslie Williams visits BIS Abu Dhabi

Dr Leslie Williams visits BIS Abu Dhabi - Dr Leslie Williams visits BIS Abu Dhabi
Dr Leslie Williams visits BIS Abu Dhabi

This week at BIS Abu Dhabi, we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Leslie Williams, the Senior Programme Lead for Social Impact and Giving at Nord Anglia, and the EDIB Global Equality Chairperson. Dr. Williams played a crucial role during her visit, engaging with both our students and staff in various impactful ways.

One of the highlights of Dr. Williams' visit was a workshop for our Year 12 students titled 'It's not a joke!'. During this session, students had the opportunity to learn about being illuminators and the importance of the language they use. The workshop aimed to instil a sense of responsibility and awareness, encouraging our students to be positive influences in their community.

Across the school, students participated in many different discussions; from our BISAD Diploma to ideas about World Children’s Day to the local community garden. Students were able to gather insightful information on how to bid for a Social Impact Grant to enhance both the local and wider community. These discussions reflect our commitment to fostering a sense of social responsibility and encouraging our students to actively contribute to making a positive impact.

As part of her visit, she worked with a group of students and staff to be involved with professional learning sessions for staff. The sessions will focus on Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. Our students are taking leadership roles in driving positive change within our school community and will be leading Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for staff.

Dr. Leslie Williams shared her thoughts on her experience at BIS Abu Dhabi:

I want to thank The British School Abu Dhabi for the warm welcome I received from the students, teachers, staff, and administration. From the meetings I had with a variety of student groups, I learned how they are using their voices to create change so that everyone feels a sense of belonging, developing SDG projects that will bring the community together, and also students offering training on how to use the BISAD diploma to bring out their full potential. It is evident that there are current and future leaders all around the school, who are supported by faculty and staff working tirelessly to make sure the students' voices are used in meaningful ways. These educators are empowering the students to be changemakers, and ensuring that they are developing the necessary skills to reach success, and learn more about themselves in the process. I will be excited to learn more about the efforts of these student groups as they take on the challenges that matter most to them and that will have a large impact on the school. BISAD has so much to be proud of and a so much to look forward to!”

We extend our sincere thanks to Dr. Leslie Williams for her inspiring visit. We are proud of the enthusiasm and commitment shown by our students and look forward to seeing the positive impact of their initiatives in continuing to create an environment that values diversity, inclusion and social responsibility.

You can read more about Social Impact from Dr. Leslie Williams in Nord Anglia’s insights magazine here.

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