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16 November, 2023

Message from the Associate Principal

Message from the Associate Principal - Message from the Associate Principal
Message from the Associate Principal

Empowering Student Leadership at BIS Abu Dhabi: A Week of Remarkable Initiatives

It has been an inspiring week at BIS Abu Dhabi as we witnessed our students taking the lead across various activities, showcasing their initiative and passion for learning.

One standout event was the inaugural 'Open Mic' session. The arts team provided the space and equipment, but it was the students who seized control, expressing their talents through music and performance purely for the joy of it. The atmosphere was electric, and the genuine support and appreciation from the audience reflected the positive impact when you let students lead.

A delightful surprise awaited me as I entered the auditorium, where our Year 2 students took the stage with confidence. They not only sang their hearts out, but also assumed the role of leaders, guiding their parents through a collaborative project involving design and information technology—a captivating stop-go animation. This hands-on experience reinforced the belief in the power of entrusting responsibility to students, as they confidently showcased their learning journey.

This week, our collaboration with Dr. Leslie Williams, the Senior Programme Lead for Social Impact and Giving at Nord Anglia, and the EDIB Global Equality Chairperson, provided students with a platform to explore critical issues such as social impact, sustainable development, and intolerance. Through workshops, students became 'illuminators,' discovering their power to effect change. Witnessing their enthusiasm, it is evident that these students are not just learning, but actively planning actions to drive positive change in the coming year.

The spirit of student leadership extended beyond the classroom to last weekend's Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme expedition training. Students demonstrated how to work in a team effectively, whilst sharing and developing skills to ensure success for everyone involved. The staff set the stage, but it was the students who took the reins of their learning, a truly brilliant sight.

As we strive for continued growth and success, a pivotal focus this year is involving our students more actively. Beyond seeking their views post-event, we are committed to integrating their voices and ideas from the outset—initiating change and actively contributing to solutions. It's heartening to witness the value our students bring and the dedication they exhibit in driving tangible change.

By creating a supportive environment, dedicating time, and providing opportunities for student involvement, we are empowering them not only to influence positive change within the school, but also to impact the world beyond. The dedication and leadership displayed by our students at BIS Abu Dhabi make me immensely proud, reinforcing our commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Alan Cocker

Associate Principal

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