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17 November, 2023

Year 13 IB Theatre Student Takes the Directors Chair

Year 13 IB Theatre Student Takes the Directors Chair
Iris, a Year 13 IB Theatre student, is stepping into the director's chair next week as part of her CAS project. Below, Iris shares insights into her upcoming directing project.

I am Iris an IB Theatre student in Year 13. 

As someone who has been active within BIS Abu Dhabi’s arts department for the past 5 years, I knew that I wanted my CAS Project to also portray my passion for theatre and the talent of the current Year 13 theatre students.

So, a few months ago, I called upon a few fellow classmates and persuaded them to embark on a journey of creation and to trust my vision of creating the first-ever student-led play within BIS Abu Dhabi. 

The play that I directed is Act One of Shelagh Stephenson’s: “A Memory of Water”, which deals with heavy themes of bereavement, complexity within familial relationships, and diversion created between people when dealing with grief. 

This play embodies the universal feeling of grief and introduces moments of reflection for the audience to explore within the text.

The brilliant roster of actors who make the real magic happen includes:






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