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23 November, 2023

Get to Know our Social Sciences Team

Get to Know our Social Sciences Team-Get to Know our Social Sciences Team-gettoknowsocialscienceteam
Get to Know our Social Sciences Team
At BIS Abu Dhabi, our Social Sciences Team is composed of outstanding individuals, each contributing a distinctive blend of passion, experience, and dedication. Get to know the exceptional minds driving innovation and excellence in social sciences.

Head of Department & Psychology Teacher – Emily Budd:

Meet Emily Budd, a passionate educator originally hailing from Manchester, UK. Emily's academic journey led her to study Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice at Liverpool John Moores University, followed by the completion of her PGCE to become a Secondary Psychology teacher at Manchester Metropolitan University. With eight years of teaching experience under her belt, Emily has made a lasting impact on students' lives in both North-West England and Abu Dhabi.

Emily's dedication to teaching is fueled by the joy of watching her students evolve into remarkable young adults. Her favorite moments involve witnessing the proverbial lightbulb illuminate their faces when they grasp the intricacies of human behavior. Before transitioning to the field of education, Emily was a Nanny in the United States and worked at a Special Needs College in Manchester, focusing on preparing and equipping 16-21-year-olds with essential life skills, which involved learning how to communicate using Makaton. Emily Budd brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the realm of education, shaping young minds with a holistic approach.

Teacher of Economics – John McLean:

John McLean, originally from Glasgow, Scotland, is a seasoned educator with a wealth of experience spanning approximately twenty-four years. His journey in teaching began at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, and since then, he has shared his expertise in various corners of the world, including the UK, Spain, Portugal, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. John's favorite aspect of teaching lies in enabling the success and motivation of his students. Before dedicating himself to education, he spent five years in the finance sector with a multinational accountancy firm, providing him with valuable experience. A lifelong learner of the Spanish language, John's diverse background and commitment to education make him a well-rounded and dedicated teacher.

Teacher of Business – Karen Belgians:

Meet Karen Belgians, a dedicated educator originally from Liverpool, though she spent her formative years on the outskirts closer to Manchester. Equipped with a Business Degree from Sheffield Hallam University and a PGCE from Edge Hill University, Karen is currently in her 7th year of teaching. Prior to her teaching career, she delved into training, recruitment, and consultancy roles. Her teaching journey has taken her to the UK and Abu Dhabi.

Karen's passion for teaching is driven by the joy of helping kids discover their strengths. Witnessing the pride on their faces when they accomplish something they never thought possible is what makes it all worthwhile for her. She is fervently dedicated to imparting life skills, such as communication, teamwork, and leadership, believing in the transformative power of programmes like the BISAD Diploma and CAS to nurture these qualities. On a personal note, Karen has an adventurous side, having skydived three times, embarked on a 90-day camping overland journey through East and South Africa, and taught English in a Zulu village in South Africa. Her diverse experiences and commitment to student development make her a dynamic and inspiring educator.

Teacher of Business & Economics – Margaret Ducie:

Meet Margaret Ducie, a seasoned educator with a wealth of experience in the realms of economics and business. Hailing originally from Manchester, UK, Margaret pursued her academic journey at the University of Liverpool. With an impressive teaching career spanning 31 years, she has left her mark in various educational landscapes, including London and Hong Kong. Margaret's teaching philosophy centers around enabling students to make sense of the world around them through the dynamic lenses of economics and business. Prior to her career in education, Margaret cut her teeth as a trainee accountant, bringing a practical and well-rounded perspective to her teaching approach. With a passion for empowering students with knowledge and understanding, Margaret Ducie is a dedicated force in the field of education.

Teacher of Business & Economics – Halima Chowdhury:

Halima Chowdhury, originally from Cardiff, United Kingdom, is a dedicated educator with 15 years of teaching experience in Wales and England. Halima achieved her teaching degree from Cardiff University. She passionately imparts her knowledge of Business Studies to students, finding joy in sharing insights about the dynamic subject. Halima takes pride in watching her students flourish academically and beyond, equipped with the skills for industry or higher education. Beyond the classroom, she engages in charity work, completed her Hajj Journey in 2021, and has traveled to 15 countries. Proficient in Bengali, Welsh, and Urdu, Halima is eager to expand her linguistic repertoire by learning Arabic. Her commitment to education, diverse experiences, and multilingual abilities contribute to her role as an inspiring and well-rounded educator.

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