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23 November, 2023

Nursery Rhyme Week

Nursery Rhyme Week - Nursery Rhyme Week
Nursery Rhyme Week

Nursery had an amazing time last week, diving into the magical world of Nursery Rhymes!

From Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to The Wheels on the Bus, we couldn't help but sing, dance, and giggle our way through these timeless classics. 

Singing nursery rhymes is not only heaps of fun, it is also incredibly beneficial for children’s development. Did you know that they help enhance language and communication skills? They also boost memory, promote social interaction, and encourage creativity.

Throughout the week, our little ones fully immersed themselves in the world of nursery rhymes. They created beautiful artwork, acted out some of the rhymes and much more! Dancing to the rhymes made our little ones light up with joy, and it sparked their imagination too.

To end the week the Nursery children put on an incredible performance. They did an amazing job singing Nursery Rhymes in our auditorium. We are so impressed by their confidence and energy as they sang their hearts out on the big stage. They truly showcased their incredible talents and made us all proud!

We had a wonderful time during Nursery Rhyme Week, and this unforgettable performance was the perfect way to wrap up a week filled with fun and learning.

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