Year 4 COP 28 Conference-Year 4 COP 28 Conference-Nord Anglia Education
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07 December, 2023

Year 4 COP 28 Conference

Year 4 COP 28 Conference-Year 4 COP 28 Conference-year4cop281
Year 4 COP 28 Conference
Last week, saw the launch of Year 4s COP28 Sustainability Conference. Our children have been inspired this term by the COP28 in Dubai to learn all about sustainability and how to save our planet. 

Working alongside Abu Dhabi University, our students were set a challenge to research and discover how to grow food in a hot urban environment, and how to recycle and reuse water. In addition to this, the children delved into the life of Wangari Maathai and other experienced environmental activists, before finally using all their inspiration in a concluding piece of art. To give purpose to their work, our students then invited their parents into school to teach them all they had learnt, present their findings, and encourage them to be more sustainable.

The Year 4 teachers are very proud of all their hard work this term!

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