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05 January, 2024

Message from our New Principal

Message from our New Principal-Message from our New Principal-11
Message from our New Principal
Firstly, I extend a warm welcome to our new families and a sincere welcome back to our existing families for Term 2. As officially communicated earlier this week, I am thrilled to personally share with you the news of my appointment as the Principal of the British International School Abu Dhabi.

With over 17 years experience in senior leadership and almost 30 years in teaching, I have had the privilege of leading my own school, forming partnerships within and across organisations, and working with exceptionally talented individuals. In each of my previous roles, I take pride in the fact that we empowered others to grow, enhancing the lives and opportunities of the students in the communities they serve. I firmly believe that as a school leader, one is a custodian, entrusted with the responsibility to leave the organisation in a better state than when inherited – be it in terms of educational outcomes, a skilled workforce, reputation, or commercial performance. If executed effectively, this success should be sustained.

Since joining BIS Abu Dhabi in 2018, I have fallen in love with the school. I am proud to be part of its history and am eager to build on its legacy to make it world-class in all aspects. The appointment as Principal is an honour, and I promise to do my utmost to propel the school forward while keeping the golden threads of our values and commitment to community and inclusion at the core of our actions.

Exciting times lie ahead. There will be changes, including the development of our curriculum, the addition of more resources and buildings, the strengthening of our professional team, and a thorough introspection through listening to one another, observing with more intent and accuracy, and actively involving student voices—not only in seeking opinions, but engaging them in solutions and processes too. This way, they can witness the value they add to their school and their lives.

I am grateful for all the kind messages of support I have received. Your words truly make me feel special and supported as I officially take on the reins of this exceptional school. I wish us all a very Happy New Year filled with anticipation and excitement of the year ahead.

Alan Cocker


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