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The word “curriculum” can represent a multitude of ideas in the minds of teachers, parents, and students.
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Many will see a curriculum as a checklist of subjects and topics that students work through. Some will see a curriculum as the knowledge and skills that need to be learned, memorised, or developed. Others might even view a curriculum as a programme of experiences for students to work through, as they progress through school.

At the British International School of Houston, we view a curriculum as a key and integral part of a learning programme that seeks to empower and support our students as they set out to achieve the highest possible academic goals and prepare for a successful life both in school and beyond. Our curriculum should be viewed as far more than something that's required to be passed, checked off, and worked through. It should be part of an engaging, rewarding, and memorable life experience.

Our curriculum contains five distinct areas of focus:

The requirements for delivering our curriculum:

To ensure a curriculum that's both rigorous and capable of preparing our students for all of their ultimate exit points, BIS Houston uses internationally recognised sources including:

By drawing upon key elements from each of these internationally recognised curricula, we firmly believe that our students have the best possible preparation for success.