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News image BIS_grouptoss_003 Blog | Learning | Advice and Guidance | Teaching Practice
Outstanding results achieved by our IB Diploma students for the 2018/19 academic year
Every Nord Anglia international school supports its students to achieve more than they may have thought possible. We believe there is no limit to what students can achieve socially, personally and academically. This year, our students’ academic results reflect our shared commitment to excellence in this area.
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News image TTDSLINK Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance | Learning | Teaching Practice
Teacher Talk - May 2019
David Sheehan, head of pastoral care at Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong shares why he loves his job and why teaching students core values in the classroom is just as important as developing key skills.
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News image TTHERO Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance | Learning | Staff Stories | Teaching Practice
Teacher Talk
NAIS Dublin’s head of primary Lisa Cannell shares how it’s a daily privilege to watch a child learn and why it’s important for young people to have an education that enriches both the mind and soul.
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News image CreativityHERO Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance | Learning | Teaching Practice
Unleash your creativity
Creativity isn’t a trait unique to those who pursue the arts. Educators say it’s a way of thinking that leads to imaginative and unique solutions to all types of real-world problems.
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News image PAChinaHERO Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance | Arts and Culture | Learning | Teaching Practice
Back to the classics
Students learn far more playing in an orchestra than just learning to perfect the sounds of the music on their own.
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News image CORE_HERO Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance | Learning
The core of education’s future
In the age of automation, developing strong values, a sense of purpose and well-being will enable students to succeed in the future, Dubai education expert says.
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News image GLP_BISH_111116879 Blog | Learning
The Architecture of Ideal Learning Environments
In line with our strategic goals, our state of the art campus is built completely around the very individual and personalised needs of our learners, it is the most pedagogically advanced school building in the world.
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News image MITChallengesTheme_HERO Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance | Featured | Learning | Student Work and Success
This year MIT challenges YOU to be a STEAM Superhero!
The theme of this year’s MIT Challenges is STEAM Superheroes, a concept connecting Nord Anglia Education (NAE) students to current, cutting-edge research while reinforcing cross-disciplinary learning.
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News image GoodStudyHabits_HERO Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Advice and Guidance | Featured | Learning
How to establish good study habits for life
Ethan Hildreth, Superintendent at the Nord Anglia American International School in Abu Dhabi, says building good study habits at the beginning of the school year can help students achieve in and outside of the classroom, as well as pave the way for success in other areas of their life.
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News image Houston_158 Blog | AdviceandGuidance | Advice and Guidance | Learning
IB Scholarship 2018/19
This year we had incredibly strong applications for our International Baccalaureate Programme Scholarship.
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News image Screen Shot 20180612 at 90457 AM Blog | earlyyears | Early Years | Featured | Learning | Student Work and Success
Hey Pesto!
Over the year the children having been trying to grow plants in our playground with the encouraging support of Mrs Mason.
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News image Alec Toronto Blog | homepagefeaturedarticle | Admissions | Featured | Learning | Post-16 Curriculum | Student Work and Success
Our Student Awarded One of the World's Most Prestigious Scholarships
Alec, Year 13, has been awarded one of the world’s most prestigious scholarships, the Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship at the University of Toronto.
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News image Kings college pic Blog | TeachingPractice | Featured | Learning | Staff Stories | Teaching Practice
Our Staff Experience King's College London as International Educators
Candidates for the Executive Master in International Education at King’s College London met for the first time in December 2016 to share their experiences and learn about the unique challenges in international education.
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