We believe our students have the power to change the world. And while your child is at BISB they’ll be encouraged to do exactly that – learning about the challenges society faces and taking action to address them. They’ll do this through one-of-a-kind opportunities and collaborations, becoming confident, conscientious, community-minded citizens.

Local heroes

At BISB, we have a strong sense of community. It’s important that our students make a real contribution both in our school and locally.

Our Student Council is a platform for positive change. It leads the way on important issues, including the environment. We’re an accredited Eco-School, too, empowering students to campaign on the causes they care about – even asking local supermarkets to use sustainable packaging and improve how they dispose of their rubbish.

Volunteering alongside local NGOs gives your child the opportunity to understand the challenges facing our community. Our students raise money for charities like Plamienok – which supports children who have experienced a family bereavement or serious illness – and the Children’s Hospital in Bratislava. Through the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) programme, our IBDP students team up on projects that address local needs, developing real-world skills in the process.


global changemakers

Being part of our international family gives our students a global perspective. We encourage them to make their voice heard outside of school by immersing themselves in enrichment programmes like The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and Model United Nations (UN). Alongside children across the world, Model UN students research, debate and propose solutions to pressing societal and environmental issues.

Residential outreach trips also broaden our students’ horizons. Our Eco-Committee and Student Council visit an Educational Environmental Centre in Eastern Slovakia, for example. And on Nord Anglia’s Global Campus learning platform, students take action alongside other young changemakers, tackling projects and learning about different cultures.


our partnership with unicef

Our collaboration with UNICEF challenges students to think about how they can support the UN’s Sustainable Development 2030 agenda. Each year, our students join others from around the world at the UN’s headquarters in New York, where they get involved in seminars, workshops and speaking opportunities. Activities surrounding World Children’s Day teach our students about their rights, how to protect them, and how to advocate for those who don’t have a voice.

citizenship expedition to tanzania

Our once-in-a-lifetime expedition to Arusha, Tanzania, teaches students about global responsibility and sustainability, and the role they play in protecting our planet. Working on projects alongside locals, students develop a sense of independence, increase their understanding of the world, and learn the importance of being part of a community.