EAL (English Additional Language)

The EAL department has been set up to support those students who do not have the level of English required to access the mainstream British curriculum successfully. The aim of the EAL program is to work in partnership with teachers and parents to provide the best support to enable students to quickly improve their English language skills and be able to work in class independently.

New children are assessed as they arrive at our school and depending on their language level may join an English Language Intensive program that runs for six weeks at the beginning of each term. It is staffed by specially trained teachers who work with individuals and small groups to boost their English until it reaches the acceptable standard.


We have 2 EAL teachers working in Primary. The EAL teachers strive to build a positive and comfortable environment and ensure that their planned activities are as fun and interactive as possible so that students look forward to receiving EAL support and view it as a positive and rewarding experience.


EAL support is provided in a variety of different ways, targeted and differentiated to meet the needs of the students. This may include individuals or small groups of students being withdrawn from class for targeted lessons, or an EAL teacher may support individuals or small groups within the classroom.


English as a modern foreign language is also offered for students who are new to English providing them with extra English lessons for the first year.


Our EAL teachers also deliver the language course that supports students who enter for the Cambridge Young Learner Exams, this is an internationally recognised language qualification which is offered in both Primary and Secondary.


There will also be after school sessions for specific groups of students. Students are continually assessed and EAL support will gradually be decreased as the students’ ability and confidence in using English increases. Students can supplement their learning with resources provided by the EAL team on Firefly and also using our new on-line package ‘Language Nut’.