Firefly is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites. In September 2017 Firefly replaced Moodle to support learning inside and outside of school.
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Students with iPad

Each Year Group has its own pages and each teacher posts homework on Firefly. This can be accessed by students and parents. Throughout the year teachers will also add more new content to their pages such as; photo galleries of student work and being involved in learning experiences, homework assignments that can be submitted on-line via the website (supporting our ‘Green’ school commitment), forums for discussion and debating topics relating to classroom learning themes, the links to valuable websites that will support children’s learning – and much more!

Please note that you need to register your email before the first Firefly log in. For more information please find our Firefly registration and login guides below.

Access and On-Line Security

Firefly is a school-based website, which means that only registered school users can access the site, providing a safe and welcome social learning network for children, parents and teachers.

Email registration - parents

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Forgot your password - parents

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Login - parents

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Login - students

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