Our School Day

Our School Day

Find out how a typical day at our school looks like.
School day

The Primary School Day

Nursery & Reception - WILLOWS

The school day begins at 8:15 but children can be dropped off from 8:05. We have flexibility with the drop off time to allow for siblings to be taken to Peknikova first. We also have an option for early drop off at Dolinskeho from 7:50, but this must be by arrangement with the class teachers as we have a limit to the number of children we can cater for at this time.

In Nursery children have access to snacks until 10:45, lunch is served at 12 o’clock after which there is an option for children to sleep. 

The normal school day finishes at 14:45, when children are offered a bus pickup. Other children are offered an end-of-day snack and can stay in our after school Rockets club between 14:45-16:45 (Monday – Thursday) and 14:45-15:45 on Friday.

Parents should notify staff if their child will be staying after school, indicating what time their child will be picked up, to ensure we have the appropriate number of staff available.

Year 1 & 2 in MAPLES & Years 3 - 6 in OAKS 

The Oaks 1 playground gates open at 7:50 and children wait on the playground for their teacher to pick them up at 8:05, lessons start at 8:15.   Year 1 & 2 children arriving on the bus will be taken to the Maples by a member of staff.  Years 3 and above will go to Oaks 1 playground to wait for their teacher.  Children should NOT enter via the front office unless they are late to school (the door from the front office to the corridor will be locked until 8:20).  In the event of extreme weather, students wait in the dining hall until it is time to go to their class. Children should not be playing on the climbing equipment before school for safety reasons.

Morning Snack and Playtime (30 min) 10:15 – 10:45
All students have a morning break where they eat snack and then have the opportunity to play outside.  

Lunch and Playtime (60 min) 12:00 – 13:15
All students have 60 minutes for lunch and playtime. A hot school lunch is provided or students can bring their own packed lunch.

End of the day

Parents collect Year 1 & 2 children from Maples at 14:45, unless they are staying for after school activities or ‘Rockets’ which finish at 15:45. Parents of Year 3 – 6 children collect them from Oaks 1 Playground.

The school day information is summarised below :

From Y1-Y6 children follow a 2 week timetable (week A & week B) like Secondary school, they will be issued with their timetable by their teacher on the first day of school.

The Secondary School Day

Timetables exist for all classes and you should have a personal copy for your child’s class. The timetable runs over a two-week period, so it is important that your child knows which week is operating and that they have the right books and materials for each day of that week. The alternate weeks are labeled A and B and will be clearly signaled in school, starting the year with week A.

Registration with form tutors begins at 08:05 followed by the first lesson at 08:20. The academic day is from 08:05 until 15:45 on Monday to Wednesday and until 14:45 on Thursday and Friday. Periods are 55 minutes long, with a few double lessons. There is a 30-minute morning break at 10:15. Secondary lunch starts at 12:45 and lasts until 13:45. 

Extra-Curricular Activities for Secondary

There is an extensive range of extra-curricular activities running at lunch times and after school hours from 15:45 – 16:45 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and 14:45 – 15:45 on Thursday, Friday. Details are issued during the first week of each term. There are a number of clubs which run outside these times including weekends.