What We Eat

Healthy eating is important to your child’s development and their performance at school. All of our meals and snacks feature nutritious food, with little sugar or fat. These are provided in line with their dietary needs and the wishes of parents.

During the snack and lunch breaks, students learn the importance of good table manners, and are able to socialise with other students in comfortable dining rooms. Every day (with the exception of children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1) a selection of two main cooked meals is to be offered, whilst we still adhere to the Hygiene regulations of a balanced diet. The daily menu consists of:

We are happy to cater for other diets, such as dairy and gluten-free. Your child may also bring a packed lunch or snack if you wish, but we do not support food deliveries from fast food or other restaurants, chewing gum and fizzy drinks. If you wish to sign up your child for lunches and/or snacks, please do so by filling in the form online here:

School's catering company is Little Chef operated by CityGastro s.r.o


School Food Information 2022 - 2023

Little Chef_Food Registration Form 2022-2023.pdf (93 KB)