Our Early Years Foundation program embraces your child within our nurturing, creative, and stimulating environment that encourages their social, academic, and personal development. These years in our private preschool and kindergarten in Charlotte, NC feature learning-through-play experiences as well as many exciting, hands-on activities that develop their understanding of literacy and math concepts. Following themes and a series of carefully structured experiences, your child will advance faster than their peers at other schools while seeing learning as fun.
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Discovering Our “Early Years Foundation Stage” Kindergarten Curriculum 

We’re delighted to deliver a unique preschool and kindergarten curriculum that’s different from what’s typically offered in North Carolina. Our Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum comes from the British curriculum syllabus for kindergarten, and is based on the principles of learning through play; developing your child's social, personal, and academic skills; and engaging them through fun and practical activities that nurture their understanding of literacy and math concepts. 

We also enhance this British “Foundation Stage” curriculum with the Early Years International Primary Curriculum that focuses on children’s learning through fun themes like Treasure, Patterns, and Food — which place our young learners’ lessons into meaningful contexts from the world that inspire their success. 

During these foundational years, your child will develop and strengthen:


Our Approach to Learning

Children learn through a series of carefully structured experiences that are teacher-directed as well as child-initiated. Our young learners work collaboratively with their teachers and older children through imaginative play, alongside more focused adult-lead learning activities that develop their essential skills and knowledge. 

Personalization for Early Years Children

Your child's learning experience is as unique as they are. We celebrate and support your child's individual needs through our personalized curriculum. Imaginative play will allow your child to take their learning in their own direction, while teacher-directed learning will allow them to excel in their literacy and numeracy skills. 

Through careful observation and assessment, our teachers set learning goals for each child and regularly review them. We monitor our young learners’ progress and celebrate their achievements.


The Subjects and Skills Taught in Our Preschool and Kindergarten 

Our curriculum focuses on the seven areas of development below:


Our teachers help your child build up their strengths — following how they learn best and guiding them through globally recognized qualifications. No matter what your child wants to do or be in life, at THE British International School of Charlotte, they’ll have the confidence to pursue their fullest potential.

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