We could teach your child in a way that works for us — or we could teach your child in a way that works for them. We choose personalized learning.
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Many schools talk about "personalized learning," but what do they really mean by this? At the British International School of Charlotte, we create a truly personalized learning environment for your child to ensure that each child makes outstanding progress that's personal to them.

We take a personal approach from the moment you begin speaking with us — even before you've applied. We welcome you to get in touch, so we can discuss how the benefits of personalized learning and our approach would work for your child's success in school and life beyond.

Contact us to talk about personalized learning for your child.

Knowing Every Child

A truly personal approach to learning isn't just about knowing their names and their grades. It's about really understanding your child as a learner, including their personal learning preferences, strengths, and areas for growth. Parents regularly comment on how well all the teachers at BIS Charlotte know their child and the impact this has on their learning.


Personal Success Plans

We can confidently assure success, as every student has their own "Personal Success Plan" (PSP) that's prepared together with you, your child, and our outstanding teachers.

We work in partnership with you and your child to set individual goals for every lesson. Your child might be working in partnership with their classmates, but the goals they may be working towards in the same lesson could be quite different from one another. This encourages every child to thrive.

The PSP is regularly reviewed; achievements are celebrated; and new goals are agreed upon.


Homework Designed for Your Child

The Personal Success Plan (PSP) extends beyond the classroom and into your child's homework. Your child will come home with assignments set specifically for them and these assignments are not always identical to every other child's in their class.


Active Participants in Their Learning

Learning isn't something that should happen to you, but something that should happen with you! Your child will feel a strong sense of responsibility towards their own learning and development by being an active participant in setting their own learning goals, styles, and approaches to presenting their work to their teacher and class.


A Highly Structured Curriculum

Alongside the International Curriculum, your child will also follow elements of the English National Curriculum at BIS Charlotte.

The English National Curriculum differs from the US and other educational systems by providing a highly structured approach for teachers to be able to assess and progress your child's performance on a individual and constant basis — rather than as a class and only over a long period of time.

Whereas some curricula will merely assess children based on their ability to progress from points A to Z over the course of a year, the English National Curriculum is a personalized learning curriculum, designed to recognize that not all students start at point A, and not all students will end at point Z at the same time (while some may already be there!). The more structured approach of the English National Curriculum lends itself to greater personalization by recognizing that some students are already at point D and should aspire to quickly be at point G — while other students are at point B and their immediate goal should be to aspire to point C.

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