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Equivalent to Elementary School throughout the US, our private Primary School in Charlotte, North Carolina explores the English National Curriculum and the thematic International Primary Curriculum — a combination that ensures the development of core skills in math and literacy alongside subject-specific knowledge that’s exciting, active, and meaningful to your child. At the British International School of Charlotte, we inspire every child’s lifelong love of learning. 
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Our International Primary Curriculum

The structure of our learning in the Primary or Elementary years comes from a combination of both the English National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum. Our combined curriculum at the British International School of Charlotte ensures that every child’s core skills in Math and Literacy are developed alongside their subject-specific knowledge.


A Thematic and Fun Approach

The International Primary Curriculum is an internationally renowned curriculum, currently used in more than 50 countries around the world. Through highly motivational and engaging themes, children learn about science, technology, art, music, geography, history, physical education, literacy, and numeracy in a holistic way. They not only learn how these subjects directly relate to their world, but also how these subjects relate to one another.

Through our inquiry-based approach, children develop research and recording skills so they can share their knowledge with others. Starting with a solid foundation in phonics, your child's reading will become fluent and their understanding of texts more advanced, while their writing skills will become more complex. They will communicate more complex and thought-provoking content, coming together to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for a smooth transition into Middle School, known as Lower Secondary School at BISC.


The School Day’s Structure

Primary Subjects and Skills



During Primary School, your child will have the opportunity to study French and Spanish. As your child progresses in their studies, they’ll have the option to learn additional languages. 

Personalization for Our International Primary Students

We understand that children learn in different ways and have preferred learning styles. The highly trained British teachers at our private primary school in North Carolina, create varied and interesting learning opportunities that are active, vibrant, and dynamic. We consider your child’s motivations, prior experiences, knowledge, cultural experiences, and learning preferences, and we plan tailored learning approaches that stretch each individual child.


Personalized Success Plans

In Primary School, to support and shape our approach to personalized learning, we'll involve your child in creating their “personalized success plan” together with their teachers. This is a place for providing feedback on learning and for each child to get to know themselves as learners, while teachers track their progress and identify what’s going well and what the next steps should be. Your child will feel secure to become more independent and self-sufficient, while learning essential life skills like time management, prioritizing, and problem-solving. 


Using “Tapestry” to Communicate with Parents

In Primary School, our interactive communications platform, Tapestry, connects school and your time home by offering continuity for your little one’s personal success. As a parent, you will get a glimpse into the classroom through weekly Tapestry updates that show your child's progress through pictures and text. Teachers encourage collaboration and feedback from parents, so we can apply this information to your child’s learning and encourage a more engaging and personalized experience for them. 


Our teachers help your child build up their strengths — following how they learn best and guiding them through globally recognized qualifications. No matter what your child wants to do or be in life, at BISC, they’ll have the confidence to pursue their fullest potential.

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