At BIS Charlotte, we ask students to wear our school uniform and colors every day with pride, demonstrating their belonging to our vibrant learning community. We encourage every child to express their individuality through their personality and actions, while coming together to represent our school spirit, values, and learning commitment. 


We ask parents to support their child in following our uniform expectations, helping us to maintain our standards of excellence throughout the learning community. Please keep these tips in mind while preparing your child’s uniform or helping them to get dressed and ready for the day.
  • Uniform requirements are listed by year groups in the BISC Uniform Policy. Please follow your child's year group requirements carefully.
  • "Optional" items provide more variety and personal choice to students, but aren't required.
  • Students may choose whichever lunch box and backpack they prefer; they don't have to be in school colors or monogrammed with our logo.
  • When ordering from Lands' End, it can take up to three weeks to receive your order from the time it was placed.
BISC Uniform Policy


  • How many uniforms should I order?
    The number of uniforms you choose to order is a personal decision and may depend on how often you want to do laundry!
  • How many Physical Education (PE) Kits should I order?

    Please review the PE Kit requirements in the BISC School Uniform Dress Code Policy. The number of kits you order is a personal decision.

    • PE Kits only need to be ordered for Foundation 2–Year 11 groups.
    • Students in Years 7–11 have PE class once per week.
    • Students in Foundation 2–Year 6 typically have PE twice per week.
  • Do my child’s uniforms need to be monogramed?
    • Anything that needs to be monogramed with the school logo will be listed as required.
    • Anything that’s required to have a monogram must be ordered through Lands' End.
    • Any clothing item that’s not required to have a monogram can either be purchased through Lands' End or at any store of your choosing — as long as the garment is a similar color and of a similar style of the required uniform item.
  • What type of shoes are acceptable?

    The type of shoes that are required can be found under an online search for "school uniform shoes."

    School shoes must be closed toed, secure on the foot, and all black, navy, or brown in color with a dark-colored sole.

    Tennis shoes or sneakers are only acceptable to be worn during PE class.