Attending the Best Universities

We give personalized guidance to our students to ensure that they can enter the finest universities and colleges in the world.

Hello from the College Counsellor!

As your University Counsellor, I have a shared purpose with students, parents, and the BIS Washington community to support your efforts and ambitions and to see you fulfill your greatest potential. Preparing and planning for your transition to university is a four-year process that begins with you selecting academic courses and co-curricular activities that match your personal interests and undergraduate aspirations. BIS Washington University Counselling services are dedicated to your personal growth and are positioned to help you find the university and/or career path that works best for you.
We advise you on test prep, gap years and internships opportunities in support of your university preparation. We offer career days, university fairs, resume and interview workshops, in support of your professional development.  While University Counselling is a collaborative effort between the Counsellor and the student, we encourage you to take the initiative and be a leader in planning your future. We help parents discover their role in the journey as well. As you navigate this complex and ever-changing process, we monitor your efforts and stand ready to address challenging times.
Our team is here to ask the right questions, to provide encouragement and support. We are eager to help guide you during this exciting and transformative time.  We care deeply for your success.


Kind Regards,

Robert Ramey

Director of College & University Counselling


What BISW Offers

At BISW, we view college and career readiness as part of the learning journey. The students are supported individually every step of the way throughout the process to help ensure acceptance into their best-fit universities. We provide guidance as students begin researching college options, exploring the selection criteria, and identifying factors that contribute to “best fit” universities. Through classroom presentations, workshops, and individual student and family meetings, all aspects of the search, application, and selection process are reviewed and supported with a combination of internal and external resources. 

SAT/ACT Exam Preparation

Students are encouraged to prepare for and begin admissions testing (SAT/ACT) and review courses that are offered through our partnerships with Revolution Prep and The Princeton Review.

College and University Application Preparation

Students and parents meet regularly with the college counselor who provides advice and guidance through each stage of the application process: Common Application for American colleges and Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) for UK universities.  Additionally, universities from around the world visit our campus on a regular basis.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is at the heart of all post-secondary college and career planning. The IB Coordinator and the University Counselor work as a team throughout the IB course selection process. As students learn more about their IB options, great care and consideration are taken in matching student’s career and university interests with the appropriate IB courses. Ensuring that country-specific and course/major requirements are intertwined with the student's overall academic strengths and interests is a critical component in designing a strong IB Diploma Program.