At BISW, we’re in one close-knit urban environment. We share space and come together as a community from classroom to classroom, from younger child to older child, and from one house group to another.


From classrooms equipped with interactive SMART board technology to our sports fields, every part of our urban campus has been thoughtfully arranged to enhance your child’s learning. Whether your child is decorating the classroom or playing the guitar, our school is ready to support the building of their character within and beyond our own building.
Our school has
  • Specialist pre-nursery and nursery environments
  • Specialist facilities for the sciences, visual arts, music, dance, computer science, and design technology, as well as a learning support center
  • Primary school learning hub for collaborative, project-based learning
  • Library with learning spaces
  • Café and on-site kitchen for school lunches
  • Nearby playing fields and a gymnasium
  • Counseling space for college and university applications
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We provide your child with all the tools they need to create imaginative and innovative projects, making their ideas come into reality and developed at their fullest potential. 

Our technology not only supports students’ projects, but also helps accelerate their creation process with technical experiences that prepare our students well with the 21st century skills.
For instance, our school has
  • Wireless access for students to research from anywhere
  • iPads, tablets, or laptops in Primary School
  • Apps like Seesaw (in Primary School) and ManageBac (in Secondary School) to share assignments, receive feedback, track progress, and share resources
  • Laser cutters, engravers, 3D printers, and robotics tools in our Technology and Computer Science labs


Speak to our Admissions Team about what makes us unique or arrange a visit to campus to experience our school first-hand.

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