Entry Requirements

Start your admissions journey today; schedule a tour and begin the admissions process.

Rolling Admissions and Decisions

We welcome applications at any time of the year and can accept your application whenever is convenient for your family. To begin the process, please complete our online form, which includes some basic personal and academic information about your child and should only take a few minutes to fill out.

We also accept applications for mid-year starts as long as their is space available in the year group.

Our goal is to provide you with an admission decision as quickly as possible. Admissions Decisions are generally completed within 5 business days after all the documents are submitted.


Admissions Process - Step by Step

No matter when you choose to begin the application process, we are here to ensure that you have the right information to make the best decision for your child. For more detailed information about our application requirements, please refer to the summary below.

If you are unsure which grade level is appropriate for your child, please refer to our Age Guidelines at the bottom of this page.


Pre-Nursery (Pre-K Age 2):


Nursery through Year 1 (Pre-K Age 3 - Kindergarten):


Year 2 through Year 6 (Grade 1 - Grade 5):


Year 7 through Year 13 (Grade 6 - Grade 12):

Paper teacher evaluation forms are also available, if a teacher is unable to complete the online form.


Age Guidelines

Please use the chart below to determine year group placement based on your child's age at the start of the academic year you wish to enter. Our date cut-off is August 31 of the academic year. Students born after the cut-off date will be placed in the previous year group. 
Age by August 31 of the Academic Year Year Group US Grade
2 Pre-Nursery (2 year old program) PK2
3 Nursery PK3
4 Reception PK4
5 Year 1 Kindergarten
6 Year 2 Grade 1
7 Year 3 Grade 2
8 Year 4 Grade 3
9 Year 5 Grade 4
10 Year 6 Grade 5
11 Year 7 Grade 6
12 Year 8 Grade 7
13 Year 9 Grade 8
14 Year 10 Grade 9
15 Year 11 Grade 10
16 Year 12 Grade 11
17 Year 13 Grade 12


Need Help?

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Admissions Team at any point to help you find the information you need or to answer your questions. You can reach us via phone on 202 829 3700 or by email at admissions@BISWashington.org.