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BISW 2020 Graduate Addresses an Audience of UN Representatives
Year 13 student, Élodie Camus took part in a virtual meeting with UN representatives who form the ‘Group of Friends of Children and the SDGs’.
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Living Life Through Lockdown - How to Cope with Quaranteenagers
Year 11 students have been revising their Transactional Writing for their English Language IGCSE. Miss Yates set them a project to create a ‘Living through Lockdown’ leaflet designed to help parents and teenagers cope with being in close proximity… all the time! Here are the top pieces of advice they wanted to share about living with a teenager in lockdown.
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Upper Secondary Awards Recipients 2019-2020
We are pleased to announce our Upper Secondary Awards Recipients for 2019-2020. We are so proud of our students and their achievements.
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Moving into mobile learning
Education technology is bridging the gap between theory and practice by providing students more engaging, personalised learning experiences, teachers are finding. Increasing and integrating the use of mobile devices at schools can engage students at a deeper level with what they’re learning, San Roberto International School’s IT Director Arturo Dares says.
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