Monica Nelsen
19 September, 2019

BISW Lions Sports Teams are off to a Great Start

BISW Lions Sports Teams are off to a Great Start Learn about how to follow BISW's sports teams and important updates from the PE department. girlssoccer

Our PE department is working to create a strong health and wellness community this year. We will be posting regular updates, news, ideas, tips and community connections to our Fit Family Blog. 

Our PE department is small, but ambitious and we are working to create a community links to broaden the physical activity of our students, parents, and staff. The PE staff does its best to respond to emails and calls as quickly as possible, but please remember your response may be delayed due to teaching and fixture schedules.

Fall Sports

This fall we're fielding teams in soccer, basketball, and girls volleyball across a variety of year groups, while also sponsoring a running club. You can view fixtures on the school's calendar, and even sort the calendar by using the sports fixtures filter.

Running Club is Full

Our running club turned out to be a huge success with 27 students from years 4-9 signing up the Wednesday Club. The Club is now full and cannot take any more students. This interest has prompted us to work on organizing a Cross Country Meet, tentatively scheduled on Wednesday 9 October. More details to follow.

Team Rosters 

Our team captains and coaches choose our rosters and contact players through a group chat. We have many students committed to our fall teams, so the roster will change each week. Parents are notified through their child.  Please do not email coaches individually to find out roster information.

TeamSnap App

This year we are using TeamSnap to organize teams and update our players on the fixture details. TeamSnap is an easy to use app that can be downloaded onto your phone. We are in talks with the company to purchase this app for the whole year, for all our teams so please bear with us whilst we iron out any creases with this new process and make sure all students and staff know how to use this fantastic resource.