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July 17, 2020

BISW Virtual Career Week

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BISW Virtual Career Week BISW wrapped up the school year with a 'Virtual Careers Week' for students in Years 10-12. Over ninety students participated in ten different career presentations from over twenty-five options. It was an incredible and invaluable opportunity for BISW students to learn about careers from a multitude of job sectors.

Transitioning from an intense examination period, BISW upper-secondary students were excited to participate in BISW's first Virtual Careers Week to wrap up the 2019-2020 school year. Students had access to 30 different career professionals from different industries for half-hour presentations covering career paths, academic experiences, typical workdays, and the advantages and disadvantages of working in different jobs.

Quite often listening to someone’s journey can be the inspiration students need on their pathway to fulfilling their dreams. Students were able to learn about careers in law, psychology, engineering, and medicine as well as creative and scientific careers. There was something for every student, as well as the opportunity to engage in discussions on totally new and intriguing fields such as reality tv production, forensic science, and naval logistics! The feedback from the students has been terrific, and we are sure that, thanks to the efforts of our staff and presenters, we have sparked their imagination and helped them to begin their journey towards discovering their passion.