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June 21, 2022


Why Is Homework Important? | BIS Washington - Homework
We believe that the learning experience is a shared responsibility between children, parents and teachers. We work together with parents, enhancing the curriculum, to consolidate and extend experiences outside school.

Why Do We Set Homework?

Homework is used to reinforce and consolidate activities which have recently taken place in the classroom or to extend their learning.  It also gives parents an opportunity to become involved in the learning process.

How Will Homework Develop Your Child?

Teachers set regular homework in the different curriculum areas and this will usually involve key skills;

  • encouraging students to develop the habit of working on their own and to learn perseverance and self-discipline,
  • allowing students the chance to practice the skills they have learned in the classroom, 
  • introducing content which will then be dealt with subsequently in class,
  • allowing teachers to set extension work for those pupils who have covered the basic work quickly and consolidation work for other students.

Students may also be asked to undertake research work or special project assignments to link to their current area of study.  Students can therefore consolidate skills learned in school and further develop new skills at home.

How Can You Help Your Child at Home?

We encourage parents to be engaged with their child’s homework and ask questions about what they have learned.  Parents are encouraged to attend our Primary Maths and Literacy evenings and Secondary curriculum evenings for parents to find out how to best support their learning at home.