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June 21, 2022

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What Is the Student Council? | BIS Washington-Inspiring leadership-Still_BISW_Teacher_02_newsdetailpage_inspiring
A message from the BISW Student Council:

As student body leaders, we are very proud of our strong and ambitious team. Our weekly meetings bring out students’ voices, allowing them to be heard and to make an impact in our British International School of Washington community. What we discuss and address helps make a difference for students across the secondary school, whether it is in academics or social activities. We are always delighted to start our meetings and help our team members be enthusiastic about participating in such a meaningful experience in their education. It is in our best interest to fulfill our duty in helping them to develop their skills and become successful IB learners and future members of society.

- Student Council
Student Leadership at BISW

Our school believes in offering leadership development to students. One way to provide hands on experience in leadership is through school affiliated positions, which allow students to gain expertise as well as the opportunity to improve the student experience. BISW offers leadership opportunities for students at both the Primary and Secondary levels. 

Primary students have the opportunity to become Head and Deputy Head Boy/Girl, House Captains, Student Librarians, Play Prefects, and Eco Prefects. These roles enable younger learners to develop skills like teamwork, collaboration and communication while improving their community.

Secondary students can be chosen to fulfil positions as Student Body Co-Presidents, Sports Co-Presidents, Global Goals President and Vice President, and Model UN Co-Presidents. 

Leadership Roles

Eighteen student members make up the Senior Student Leadership team. Here is a brief overview of their roles and responsibilities and how this will support your child:

  • Head Boy and Head Girl: At the Primary level, these students serve as the official representatives of the school and act of behalf of fellow students to initiate school improvements. At the Secondary level these students are responsible leading the Secondary Student Council and representing the views of the student body at Senior Staff Leadership Team meetings, leading specific school assemblies, liaising with the Primary Student Council, and most importantly being role models to the student body.
  • Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl: deputizing for the Head Boy and Girl in all of the above situations plus their major mission is to promote cultural events taking place within the annual calendar.
  • Student Librarian: maintaining a productive, engaging and inviting learning environment through student book audits and promoting the library to parents and the student body; coordinating World Book Day, supporting and publicizing Book Fairs, leading library sessions with our younger students and supporting Supervised Study
  • Sports Co-Presidents: promoting the sporting life of the school through supporting sports teams, events, and activities within the school, coordinating the Sports Leaders team (Year 12), and reporting on Sports Events within the school.
  • House Captains (2 Captains representing each of the 4 houses: Shenandoah, Chesapeake, Patuxent, and Potomac) are responsible for leading house meetings and events, mentoring students in their house, leading house assemblies and registrations, and developing house spirit through house events and competitions.
  • Play Prefect act as ambassadors and guides for visitors, actively engage children in a variety of playground change, help younger childred play positively, and help our staff on duty monitor the playground. 
  • Eco Prefect champion "Green" issues in the primary school by promoting recycling, undertaking green projects across the school and collaborating with other school leaders. 
  • Global Goals President and Vice President are responsible for the leadership of the Global Goals Club which encourages students to focus on the UN's 17 sustainable development goals and work towards incorporating them in different ways around the school. These students are the main liaison between administration and the student body, advocating for positive impactful environmental change throughout the school.
  • Model UN Co-Presidents are responsible for coaching and engaging members of Model UN on preparation of position papers on a wide range of topics and helping students to negotiate, work together and write resolutions. 

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