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June 21, 2022

The House System

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Our house system builds community throughout the school and within each year group, and it is a bond that the students share across the years.

The British International School of Washington has a traditional house system, with students of all ages working together for the good of their House in a range of fun activities, including sports.
Both the primary and secondary school students choose House Captains and Deputies each year. They take responsibility for assisting in organizing house events and activities.

Our Houses are named and associated with the following colours:

  • Chesapeake (Green)
  • Patuxent (Yellow)
  • Potomac (Red)
  • Shenandoah (Blue)

Benefits of the House System:

Building Community

  • New students can instantly identify as part of a team, helping them feel comfortable in a new school community more quickly.
  • Our students develop strong bonds that reach across age groups.

Leadership Building

  • Older students can take on the role of “older sibling”, building leadership experience and growing confidence.

House Competitions

Each of our four houses takes part in various competitions, including sports matches, contests in the arts, House Sing, and more. These occur regularly, and our students are excited to represent their house team to gain points for individual events, trophies, and the House Cup.