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November 14, 2023









Nord Anglia Education has introduced INSIGHTS, a groundbreaking digital publication that provides a candid perspective on the future of education. The leading international schools provider unveiled its innovative education magazine, offering a comprehensive exploration of key global education topics, ranging from the emotional well-being of young individuals to the impact of technology and artificial intelligence on learning. INSIGHTS, as announced by Lord David Puttnam, Chairman of Nord Anglia’s Education Advisory Board, aims to illuminate the intricacies of modern education and contribute to preparing the next generation for the swiftly evolving world.

At its launch, INSIGHTS delves into how families can effectively equip the next generation for success in our rapidly changing world:

'In Pursuit of Happiness' explores the vital role emotional well-being plays in the lives of young learners, underlining its significance for long-term success. Experts share insights on the promotion of happiness by both families and schools, suggesting its potential as a more significant predictor of adult well-being than academic achievement.

'The Fourth Education Revolution' prompts contemplation on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in education, proposing that AI could revolutionize learning experiences by providing more personalized approaches. It suggests that AI can address issues such as social inequality and student mental health while easing teacher workload.

'Life in the Skills Locker' shifts focus to the importance of soft skills, advocating for a broader perspective beyond traditional academic measures. The article underscores the significance of skills like emotional intelligence and critical thinking for future success, highlighting the incorporation of STEAM and problem-solving projects in schools to prepare students for the evolving world.

'Knowledge is Power?' questions the changing role of memorization in an era of information abundance. While foundational knowledge remains essential, the emphasis is on cultivating agile learners capable of applying their knowledge in real-world contexts.

'Social Purpose. Real World Value or Virtual Signalling?' challenges us to reconsider authentic social impact in educational settings, driven by Gen Z's interest in social and environmental causes. Educational institutions are responding by offering resources for impactful student-led initiatives.

In addition to thought-provoking articles, INSIGHTS serves as a platform for sharing the latest research findings, interviews with educational leaders, and opinion pieces on best practices in teaching and learning.

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