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September 07, 2023

This week we were thrilled to welcome Lucas M (class of 2021) to BISW to share his wisdom with our IB students curious about life after BISW.

 Lucas M.
BISW '2021
The University of Chicago '2025
We're thrilled to spotlight Lucas, a Class of '21 graduate who dedicated an impressive 13 years to our school. Lucas fondly recalls memorable moments like hitting the gym with classmates every Friday during Year 12, reflecting our close-knit community.


Beyond academics, Lucas shined on the basketball court, representing BIS Washington on multiple teams. He also gave back by serving as a peer tutor during his time in the IB program.

Our school's emphasis on physical and mental health has had a lasting impact. Lucas continues to maintain an active lifestyle in college, and our mentorship programs inspired him to seek guidance and assist younger peers.

The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) prepared Lucas well for university, equipping him with the skills to handle rigorous coursework and manage his time effectively.

Today, Lucas thrives at the University of Chicago, pursuing a double major in Applied Mathematics and Economics. He values the rigorous STEM courses and the vibrant community.

Lastly, Lucas offers sage advice: to his younger self, he recommends embracing self-directed learning and practising patience when grappling with complex concepts.

We're immensely proud of Lucas's achievements and contributions to our community. His journey exemplifies the potential within each of our students, and earlier this week, he met with years 11-13 on his college experience so far. We were so excited to have him share his college experiences and insights with our IB students, inspiring them as they begin their college applications.