Meal Service at BISW

BISW offers delicious, healthy, lunch service by Flik Independent School Dining

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Introduction to Meal Plans

The British International School of Washington partnered with Flik Independent School Dining to provide delicious, healthy, and locally sourced meals for students and staff. 

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All students in Pre-Nursery through Year 11 have a meal plan through their enrollment package unless the family opts out at enrollment or re-enrollment. 

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Meal Plan Options

Meal Plans:
Meal plans are a great way for students to have lunch each school day of the year or term for a flat price. The meal plan is included in tuition for all students in Pre-Nursery through Year 11. Each meal includes an entrée, two sides, a dessert, and a drink. Vegetarian options are available daily, and nuts and pork are never part of the school lunch offerings. 

À la Carte:
If a student prefers to eat meals from our dining hall periodically, Flik offers à la carte pricing of combo meals (i.e. an entree, two sides, dessert, and a drink) or any portion of a combo meal. 

Payment Options

Families with a meal plan do not need to pay anything additional.  

Families without a meal plan can pay for à la carte items through

My School Bucks:
My School Bucks is a service that allows parents to add money to a child's school account to purchase additional food items from the dining hall, including à la carte items and snacks. Parents can create a My School Bucks account online, choose our school, add their children to their account using their name and date of birth, and add money to the account by credit card. In addition, parents can see a record of their child's purchases online. 


If you have a question about the menu or a dietary request, please contact Chef Manager Christina Brown at