Ages 16 TO 18


Our award-winning A-level curriculum sets the standard for international education. Specialist subject teachers deliver exceptional learning experiences that inspire critical thinking and challenge our students to achieve their absolute best. This ensures they get superb results – and gain entry to the world’s top universities. 

Our A-level curriculum

In Years 12 and 13, students delve deeper into their chosen subjects. As they prepare for university entrance – and start thinking about careers – they become specialists in their fields, typically studying three or four A-level courses. Subjects include English, maths, science, history, geography, computing, business studies, music, drama, art, and languages.

We also help your child to choose and apply for university. This includes keeping an eye on their progress, suggesting areas for academic and personal development, and guiding your family through the application process.

In 2021, we won Pearson’s Pioneer of the Year Award for our outstanding A-level programme – and our teaching team’s trailblazing approach.

Outstanding academic outcomes

Every year, 100% of our students pass their A-levels. And in 2021, 75% achieved an A*. This compares to a UK average of 19%.

What's more, over the past two years, two in three BSN students have achieved grades that open doors to the world’s top 100 universities. 


Our students go to the best universities in the world, which is thanks to the exceptional learning experiences we offer, personalised curriculum pathways, and inspiring teachers.

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