Our students have the power to change the world. Through one-of-a-kind learning experiences and collaborations, your child will become a socially and environmentally conscientious citizen. They’ll stand up for what they believe in, too, making a real difference in our school, community and across the globe.
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At BSN, we have a strong sense of community. Your child will make a positive difference by volunteering, supporting and raising money for local good causes.


Every year we organise the British Ball of Nanjing, which brings the community together to raise funds for Hopeful Hearts. Our student Social Enterprise Group supports several charities, including Fangzhou Ark Foundation, which enables children in rural areas to go to school. They also lead our annual Pfrang Giving Tree activity, writing and decorating cards – and sending gifts – to local children.

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Our Student Council embodies our values in and around campus, working with our leadership team to make sure every student's voice is heard. They also bring about positive change in our school community. From introducing chopsticks at lunchtime and changing our house points system, to discussing how we can operate more sustainability, our Council is a real force for good.
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citizenship expedition to tanzania

Our expedition to Arusha in Tanzania is the adventure of a lifetime. BSN students work alongside changemakers from Nord Anglia schools across the world on vital community projects – and gain an understanding of what we need to do to protect our planet. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, our trip to Tanzania builds students’ sense of social responsibility, confidence, and independence.
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beaver scouts group

Our Beaver Scouts Group enjoy all sorts of activities, nurturing students' interests and broadening their range of skills. The group play games, get creative, act, sing, make music, and explore the wonders of the natural world – both in school and our beautiful surroundings. They also do a lot to help others. In 2021, our students raised 20,000 Yuan for Nanjing Shimao Rainbow, a palliative care centre for critically ill children.
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our partnership with unicef

Through our collaboration with UNICEF, BSN students take action in support of the UN Sustainable Development 2030 agenda. Every year, our students head to UN headquarters in New York to take part in the Global Challenge, getting involved in seminars, debates and speaking opportunities. Activities surrounding World Children’s Day teach our students about their rights, how to protect them, and how to advocate for those who may not have a voice.
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We combine British academic excellence with exceptional opportunities that challenge your child to achieve their absolute best.