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Combining outstanding teaching in the core subjects with exceptional opportunities for play and exploration, our primary curriculum stimulates curious minds. Our teachers introduce global themes, broadening your child’s perspective and nurturing their talents and interests.
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Our British curriculum

At the British School of Nanjing, our primary students follow the English National Curriculum.

The fundamental components of our primary students’ curriculum are English, science and maths. In Years 1-4, these are complemented by a range of subjects, including computing, geography, history, and art and design. In Year 5, students follow a more defined timetable that prepares them for secondary school.

Teaching is personalised to embrace individual passions and ambitions. Lessons are lively, challenging and engaging, giving your child plenty of opportunities to think critically and independently.

Picking up a second (or third!) language is important, too, and we support our students to learn German, Spanish or Mandarin. Both in and beyond the classroom, your child will play sports, learn a musical instrument, take to the stage, and volunteer on community outreach programmes.

The perfect learning environment

Academic excellence is crucial, but we also encourage our students to take a broader view of success. Every student contributes to the school community, becoming a caring, conscientious young citizen from an early age.

Small class sizes and a low teacher-student ratio ensure your child gets the support they need. Specialist teachers, professional musicians and world-class coaches help students to shine.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Our dedicated SEN coordinators work closely with teachers to support students who need extra help. This includes putting plans in place, keeping an eye on progress, and working closely with families.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Our expert EAL teachers run courses for students who need help with their English. They also organise extra lessons for those who want to learn at a faster pace. We’ve found immersing your child in an English-speaking community quickly helps them to become a fluent speaker.


At BSN, your child will follow a personalised programme of learning that engages, develops critical thinking, and challenges them to achieve their absolute best.

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