BVIS Hanoi is a school where talents shine bright. We offer a variety of scholarships for students going into sixth form, which recognise academic excellence, artistic skills, and extraordinary achievements.
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Scholarships for students aged 16+

This booklet contains the details for all the awards offered by The British Vietnamese International School for those entering the school into Year 12 (first year of International A Levels). These details may change at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, made up of senior leadership within the school; please consult our website for revised information.

For the new academic year 2017, scholarships are available in the following categories:

Scholarships will provide discretionary reduction in school fees from 10% up to 50% of school fees. An award will normally be held for the full duration of a student’s time at The British Vietnamese International School (for 2 years in Years 12 and 13), provided that academic performance and conduct remain of a suitably high level in the view of the Scholarship Committee and in accordance with the School’s Terms and Conditions and internal policies. A clear process of scholar support and monitoring is administered by the Assistant/Deputy Head of Secondary, details of which will be sent to parents upon the awarding of a scholarship.

Scholarships will only be awarded if candidates of sufficient merit present themselves.

All awards offered are subject to the recipient satisfying the School’s 16+ academic entry and scholarship requirements.


Your child will love learning at BVIS Hanoi, where world-class teachers, extraordinary learning experiences, and award-winning wellbeing support will inspire them to achieve remarkable academic success.

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