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24 August, 2018

Principal Weekly Update 24/08/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer

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The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.
George Bernard Shaw
George Bernard Shaw
Principal Weekly Update 24/08/2018 from Mr Mark Sayer

And so begins another school year.  Two Orientation Days successfully completed and one more, in Early Years, still to go.  We welcome every member of our community most warmly to the school, whoever you are – new teachers learning the ways of our school, parents, returning or new students – all this at the end of a long, and what one hopes was a very happy, summer.  The place is alive with the buzz of chatter, of friendships being formed and re-established, or learning and caring conversations.  Noise levels in the school have certainly gone up in the past few days.

My mind has therefore in recent days turned to thoughts of communication.  We have to sift out the noise for the real communication.  As the great British writer George Bernard Shaw wrote:

Our commitment this year is to ensure that communication – really effective communication – is at the top of the agenda for teachers, staff, students and parents

We value communication highly and want to keep parents as well-informed as we can on all that your children are experiencing and achieving.  Please make sure that you inform the school of any changes to contact details, particularly email, as we will use this as our main means of communication.

Good communication is important to us and we would like to ensure that you have the correct contact information in order for you to call the school:

School Number: 024 6266 8800

Extension number:

Receptionist: 0 (For all general enquiries and to be passed to the relevant person)

Principal’s Office (PA): 111 from 5th September, I will have a new PA Ms Nguyen Phuong Huyen)

Business Manager’s Office (PA): 151

Primary Office (PA): 131

Secondary Office (PA): 121

Of course, you may have the mobile numbers and essential mobile numbers you need may be included in the email signatures.  Teaching staff do not necessarily hand out their mobile numbers

Email is our chosen method of communication along with Class Dojo in Primary, until we receive a new platform following a tendering process by our parent company Nord Anglia Education.  In the first instance, parents should write to class teachers about any educational or pastoral matter, copying the matter to the section PA, who will then share it with the relevant leadership team member.  The Admissions staff are not there to field these conversations, as they go about their busy work. 


Our aim is to serve you but equally, we do expect parents to follow these protocols so that we do not have the illusion that communication has taken place by speaking to the wrong person in the first place.  Do please also read on the website the Parent handbooks to be found here in English and here in Vietnamese, so you have the right understanding of our expectations in the coming year.

Welcome back to the new year and new term.  We are delighted you are with us and we look forward to a highly successful year again in 2018-19