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Preparations for our Christmas Performance

01 December 2017

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The Early Years has been full of Christmas cheer this week as all the classes start preparing for the Christmas performance on Wednesday 13th December.

As part of this performance, all the classes have 1 class song where they go up onto the stage to perform and lots of songs that they will sing as a whole Early Years department. The children have really enjoyed learning the words and joining in with the actions.

In F3, if the children are ready, we will also give them speaking parts. All of the F3 children are encouraged to join in with the acting part of the performance and some will have speaking parts. As you can imagine they are all very nervous about getting up on the stage and performing in front of all of their friends and families. Please do not worry if your child does not speak this time; they will mature and gain confidence over the year and may be more ready next term or next year for a speaking part.

At BVIS, we like to encourage all the children to get involved and try their best at singing, dancing and role-playing, as it allows children to express their emotions. It builds up their confidence; it helps them to find their voice and provides them with opportunities to collaborate and work alongside their friends.
Johns Hopkins University School of Education reported that "children showed more motivation, paid closer attention and remembered what they learned more easily when the arts were integrated into the curriculum."
We try to incorporate all the arts (singing, dancing, performing) alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. For example, when dancing they are learning how to move to music, how to express their emotions and the way it makes them feel, about spatial awareness and following rhythms as well as learning new vocabulary.

Every child who tries their best is a winner in the Early Years. The teachers are very proud of how they are all able to walk onto the stage and stand up and perform in front of all the families and friends.

We look forward to sharing our performance with you in 2 weeks time.

Here is a sneak peek at each of the classes main songs that they will perform on the stage. Maybe your child will perform it for you at home…

It’s a donkey! Ee-ore!
It’s a donkey! Ee-ore!
Carrying Mary on his back,
It’s a donkey! Ee-ore!

Joseph is the one who leads the way
Down in Bethlehem today.
Mary’s going to have a baby soon.
Knock, knock, knock- they need a room!

All the inns are full. Where can they stay
Down in Bethlehem today?
Mary’s going to have a baby soon
Knock, knock, knock- they need a room!

Mary had a baby. Did you know?
Mary had a baby long ago.
On that night down in Bethlehem.
Mary had a baby long ago.
He lay in a stable. Did you know?
He lay in a stable long ago.
On that night down in Bethlehem.
He lay in a stable long ago.

Bumpety, Bumpety, Bump
Bumpety, Bumpety, Bump
Riding on a camel’s
Humpety, humpety, hump!
Bumpety, Bumpety, Bump
Bumpety, Bumpety, Bump
Looking for the baby boy.
Looking for the baby boy.
Three important Kings are travelling
without a map to show them where they are.
Many, many miles they’re travelling
To Bethlehem, following a star

We have news to tell you
And it’s all good news!
We would love to hear it
If it’s all good news!
A baby’s born for you!
We’re so glad you told us
‘Cos that is good news

Ms Julie Walton
Head of Early Years