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BVIS Facilities

BVIS is located in a high quality, purpose-built campus in the Royal City apartment, shopping and entertainment complex in the Thanh Xuan district of Hanoi.

  • BVIS Hanoi Our School Facility
  • bvishanoi-sanvandong
  • toan canh toa nha tieu hoc
  • BVIS Hanoi Our School Facility
  • BVIS Hanoi EYFS Pool
  • chuong-trinh-nghe-thuat-bieu-diẽn-truong-quoc-te-anh-viet-ha-noi-juilliard
  • co-so-vat-chat-truong-quoc-te
  • co-so-vat-chat-bvis-hanoi
  • co-so-vat-chat-bvis-hanoi
  • co-so-vat-chat-bvis-hanoi
  • hoc-sinh-mam-non-truong-quoc-te-anh-viet-hanoi
  • hoc-sinh-bvis-hanoi
  • BVIS Hanoi climbing wall

Three separate but closely linked buildings: one for each of Early Years Foundation Stage, Primary and Secondary.

The school has:
  • Two libraries
  • Two auditoria; one with full stage and lighting/sound system
  • Two sports halls,
  • Climbing wall,
  • 25m indoor swimming pool
  • Playing field
  • All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and data projectors. The school also has specialist suites for science, music, ICT, art and drama
  • All school buildings are fitted with wireless network access to the Internet
  • Outside playgrounds meet international standards of safety and flexibility.