Carolyn Datugan
05 May, 2022

How education technology is being used in Secondary classrooms at Northbridge

How education technology is being used in Secondary classrooms at Northbridge
I always believe that our main role as teachers at Northbridge International School Cambodia is to guide our students towards the best version of themselves.

We must allow them to be in charge for their own learning, developing independent learners that are capable and confident in handling education technology tools, an area that is fast evolving. They may also consider themselves as responsible global digital citizens inculcating the 'think before you click' mentality. Students learned well when a challenge is presented to them that will let them uncover their creative side and hone their critical thinking skills. 

Due to the lockdown, student’s motivation in handling educational technology increased as they became more confident knowing that there might be a possibility of a second lockdown, which makes them study at home having their laptops and cellphones as their main educational tools wherever they go. Looking at the bright side of things, there were many of us that suddenly discovered new careers blossoming from the pandemic such as being online teachers and digital media designers.

Parents themselves learned to participate in the 'new normal' that makes their presence in their child’s life more active.  At this point, it was also very nice to know that some educational websites allow students and their teachers to access the websites free of charge in the spirit of oneness with the world. We also saw the rise of gaming educational apps and interactive simulations that my students really enjoy!

Some of the online education links provide quizzes and exam questions that are truly a big help and create a difference in student learning process during this online education era. Especially for the sciences in the MYP and DP program, online labs and virtual simulations serve as alternatives for laboratory work that is still required, regardless of international examination conditions.