Why Northbridge Primary students sign up for the Student Council-Why Northbridge Primary students sign up for the Student Council-Miriam Foster
Miriam Foster
19 May, 2022

Why Northbridge Primary students sign up for the Student Council

Why Northbridge Primary students sign up for the Student Council-Why Northbridge Primary students sign up for the Student Council-279064889_5004073233010983_7422125284880119016_n
Why Northbridge Primary students sign up for the Student Council
Student Council (STUCO) is a place for students to take leadership over action at Northbridge International School Cambodia. Here, this year's Primary STUCO representatives reveal why they joined STUCO, what they learned during their time as representatives, and why all students should consider joining.
How We Joined Stuco
We had to apply to join STUCO on a form and present a speech. Some of us were luckily selected by our homeroom teachers and some of us were voted for by our grade level. People who want to join stuco are brave and confident. We had to write about why we wanted to be part of stuco, how we would improve the school and what we would do to help students learn more. “I joined stuco by being convincing in my class,” Ryu.

Trust Bonds Exercises
“In stuco we did trust bond exercises such as Pass the Ball game, and the hoop game, where we had to trust people from different grades. This game helped us get to know each other better, and become friends. Then we could help each other even if it was not in stuco meetings. Next year, even if we are not in stuco, we can still be friends. It also helped us have fun.” 
Zoe, Siana and Leaksmy.  

Spirt Week 
Overall, Spirit Week is always a fun week. “One of my personal favorites of spirit week was Gaming Day. We played fun games and dressed up as our favorite game characters. I think gaming day is very fun for everyone. What is your favorite day during Spirit Week?” Elena.

Placing the notice board
When we were designing the notice board we had some ideas of where to put it. Such as the cafeteira with the canteen. But we decided to use that one empty wall in front of the office, because it is right at the entrance where everyone walks by. You probably have seen it because most primary students go through the primary gate. We made it so the school would know who their stuco members are and who they could call if they needed to talk to a stuco in their grade. 

The Good Things About STUCO
There are so many good things that I could list down of being a STUCO member. But I could only list down some. So with that being said, here are a few of the best things about being a STUCO member. 

Number one: Meeting new friends 
You can meet new people in STUCO because there is not just your grade in STUCO, there are more than 12 members, from grades 2 to 5, so there are many opportunities to meet new friends!

Number two: Leadership
There are lots of skills we learned in STUCO and one of them was leadership. How? Due to the games we played together and the events we planned, we learned to speak up and share our amazing ideas. We also learned that being a leader is a great responsibility and we sometimes have to give up our free time to get tasks done. We also developed our social skills. 

The responsibility of being a Stuco member
1. Doing what you said you will do, it’s very important that you follow your words and say what you’re actually gonna do because if you just say it and don’t do it then you’re gonna let everyone down because everything’s gonna be finished and you’re just gonna say, “oh I didn’t do mine,” so if you can't do it just say you can’t and get help if you need it.

2. Showing up to meetings is important because if you miss meetings you're not gonna know what you're doing and you’re probably gonna get kicked out of Stuco because you didn't do anything to help unless you are doing something important at home such as a family reunion.

3. Not speaking, this is very very important because if you don't share your ideas then you're not gonna be a part of any of the events and not be helping with anything.

Will you join STUCO next year?

By Hanhui, Caleb, Khendy, Maneth, Siana, Leaksmy, Sunny, Ryu, Jayden, Zoe, Alex, Elena, Noah and Jessica.